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The short tips of repair and decoration of the home.

The short tips of repair and decoration of the home.
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Nov 4, 2015
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Everything about repair and construction of houses. The choice of finishing materials. Alternative energy for house. The required capacity of the generator is determined by a simple summation of electrical power that can be switched on simultaneously. In order not to force an autonomous power plant to operate at full capacity, the calculated power added 20-30% margin. As practice shows, for emergency electricity supply of a country house suitable diesel generator capacity of 10-30 kW. On a country house providing enough 2 kW (if in addition to the refrigerator, a TV and a few light bulbs in it nothing else).

It is often used in homes matte coating, whereas glossy more suitable office space, as well as supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment venues. For living rooms and bedrooms are very well fit into the interior suede ceilings, they look elegant and create the atmosphere of comfort. For large halls and rooms of luxury town houses fit "marble" cover, the appearance of the ceiling hardly differs from the noble marble.

By design solution configuration of stretch ceilings may be different, multilevel. Very original look, the so-called luminous ceilings in which lights are behind the canvas, creating soft light and intimate ambience. It is also fashionable to put a ceiling on the surface of photo printing.

  Stretch ceiling coverings are divided into several types:

  • ceilings of PVC film, a relatively cheap option, durable, practical to use, easy to clean, not afraid of water, varied color palette;
  • fabric ceiling look more gorgeous by fabric texture and fine pearlescent, have no seams, are made of durable fabric, satin-like, but they are afraid of water, they have less of colors;
  • multilevel ceiling coverings are difficult to implement, can be of various shapes and combine different colors, materials and design solutions, it all depends on the game designer's imagination.

Among other things, the choice of the material stretch ceiling and design, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:


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