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Jugs Sports | Baseball and Softball Training Aids

Jugs Sports | Baseball and Softball Training Aids
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Oct 30, 2015
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The #1 Selling Pitching Machine Company in the World

JUGS Sports is the leading producer of pitching machines and batting cages used across the world by coaches and athletes. We offer a line of specialized baseball pitching machines, but our catalog of baseball and softball training aids also includes practice equipment like hitting tees, practice balls, batting cages, protective screens, and travel practice setups.

The original JUGS machine was developed in 1971 and quickly evolved into one of the most revolutionary training aids in baseball. The machine was named the JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine in reference to the old baseball expression, a “jug-handle curve.” The JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine beat out previous competitors with its durability, portability, and its ability to throw consistent curves, fastballs, sliders, and sinking split-finger fastballs at any chosen speed.

However, a JUGS machine is a lot more than just a pitching machine. Since JUGS pitching machines create such a wide variety of pitches at any speed, they are excellent in simulating game-like situations. JUGS machines easily assist in pre-season tryouts. Best of all, JUGS machines can help fielding practice as well by throwing pop-ups, grounders, and flies to outfielders and infielders alike.

Recently, the JUGS pitching machine product line has expanded into other sports. Our revolutionary pitching machine technology has been applied to pitching, throwing, passing, bowling, and toss machines for softball, football, field hockey, lacrosse, cricket, and soccer, in addition to baseball.

Over forty years ago, our founder, John Paulson, decided to build a baseball pitching machine for his two sons. He intended to improve his sons’ hitting skills, but he had no idea how his concept would change the landscape of the baseball practice field. In the last 42 years, roughly 94% of all players entering the field of professional baseball have honed their batting or fielding skills against a JUGS pitching machine along their journey. Truly, our training equipment is valued and trusted by baseball players and coaches of all levels, and around the globe. We have over 130 baseball and softball training aids for players at any level of the game.

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